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cigarettes and chocolate milk

these are just a couple of my cravings

27 August
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Welcome to my goddamn blog. I am 22 years old, or will be by the time I remember to update this again. I'm an English/psych students at a small university in a town that no one has heard of. I'm overly enthusiastic about every fandom I come in contact with, and mostly use livejournal for random whining and lots of icon stuff, but feel free to add me if you wish.

fandoms; the following (s1), teen wolf, grey's anatomy, under the dome, suits (s1-s2), the social network, pacific rim, one direction, fall out boy, it's always sunny in philadelphia, orange is the new black, archer, bob's burgers, orphan black, hemlock grove, etc etc etc

icons; tumblr; art blog; link; link; layout; code

layout is from spire